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27 Tanning beds: Level 1-5

Tanning bed vacation minneapolis



Our regular beds provide a great tan. Start on a regular bed and progress to larger and more powerful beds, or maintain your color year-round on these traditional, standard beds.


  • 32 Genesis Super Power 120-watt UV Lamps

  • 11 Spaghetti Facials Lamps 

  • Dome 15 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule

  • External Foot Fan




LEVEL 2 Little Turbo


With the Advantage series, an infinitely variable ventilation system keeps you feeling fresh during the tanning session. The invigorating, cooling air comes from 2 facial outlets and 4 to 5 body zone outlets. By integrating the reflector into the acrylic base, the difficult to reach shoulder and neck areas also receive thorough tanning.

  • 12-minute bed maximum tan time
  • 3 VIT Max High Pressure Facials
  • 40 Turbo Power tanning lamps and reflex neck tanner
  • Relaxing body form plus base acrylic
  • Special comfort cooling ventilation 



The Ergoline Turbo 600 raised the standard by which all ultra-class tanning systems are judged. The Turbo combines quality and style with comfort for total body tanning experience that delivers a deep, dark tan.

An innovative display panel offers fingertip control and adjustment of powerful fans, intense facial lamps and cleverly placed shoulder lamps. The 5-lamp shoulder tanner system provides the finishing touches for the ultimate total body tanning experience.


  • The Turbo brings unparalleled performance to the table

  • The Turbo is a 15-minute tan

  • 4 facial tanners

  • Shoulder tanners





The Ergoline 650 Ultra Power combines astonishing tanning performance and comfort features to create the most powerful tanning experience in the salon.  12 high-pressure lamps in the canopy and the side plus 26 turbo power UV lamps in the base give a deep and long-lasting tan.  The shoulder tanners provide an even, all-over tan for the top of the shoulders, great for removing those stubborn swim suit lines in the summer. The climate control system gives you a cool and relaxing tanning experience.  It does all this while integrated fans keep you cool to maximize your results.  This bed will take your tan to the ultimate level and is recommended for advanced tanners only after a base tan has already been established.  


• 12 Ultra Performance 500-watt Adjustable High-Pressure Body & Facial Lamps 
• 26 Ergoline Turbo Power 170-watt UV Lamps
• Shoulder Tanner with 5 Spaghetti Lamps
• 15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time
• Integrated High Power Base & Canopy Fans
• Large, Ergonomically Formed Body Shape Acrylic

Tanning bed level 5 tanline


LEVEL 5 Ultra Power


This High Pressure tanning bed is a 12 Minute Tan Time. It has 3 Ultra Performance 640- Watt high-pressure adjustable facial tanners, 30 high-pressure units, and Pure open air tanning comfort. The Multi relax acrylic will make you want to come again. Tanning three layers deep, you will leave satisfied.

  • Surrounded by 30 high pressure UV units 

  • Computer modeled positioning of UV components

  • 12 minute Max

  • Face tan 3 640 watt Ultra Performance Facial Tanners

  • Body tan 27 ultra power 580 watt high pressure body units

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